This is the WP Job Manager demo site. Use it wisely! And bear in mind that the listing submission flow on this site is using the Simple Paid Listings add-on. If you want to check out the listing submission flow which uses the WC Paid Listings add-on (the flow with packages), please use WC PL Demo link at the top right (or click here).

All the core add-ons have been installed and activated here and you can see them in action. In order to access some of them, you’ll need to sign up on the My Accounts page (automatic account creation when submitting listings is also enabled).

To complete the test payment process, you can use the test CC number 4242 4242 4242 4242 and make up the expiration and CVC numbers.

Please bear in mind that for security purposes, all new accounts will expire after one day of their creation. Enjoy the demo site!


Your WP Job Manager team